17-Year-Old Girl Who Has Given Birth To Two Sets Of Twins With Two Runaway Baby Daddies Gets Help

Diana is a young teenager who, at age 17, has given birth to two sets of twins. The unavailability of enough funds to look after the kids coupled with her inability to work has rendered her quite incapacitated.

When photos of her sad situation hit social media, it triggered a new set of discussions about the empowerment of girls through education and training.

Many more people also questioned her decision to have babies when she knew she wasn’t ready for them.

The failure of her parents and guardians to ensure that Diana was sent to school and protected from irresponsible men was discussed.

On the back of that, some kind individuals who came into contact with her story have decided to offer help.

One of these people is driven all the way to Mankessiim, where the young mother lives with her two sets of twins.




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