Actress names and exposes all the Ghanaian female celebrities who travel to Dubai to eat the to!let of millionaires

Actress, Ellen Asante Korkor has shared a bizarre experience her friend encountered. Ellen, who was one of the lead characters of the Afia Schwarzenegger series, revealed how her friend was lured to embark on a trip to Dubai to enjoy with a dog.

According to the actress, her friend had no knowledge of going to sleep with a dog until she got to Dubai.

She claimed in the video available to our outfit that her friend was flown out of Ghana through a popular figure in the country.

When she got to Dubai, she was given a warm welcome. Ellen Asante stated that the man her friend met gave her $10,000 for shopping. Later, she was given $10,000 to buy hair. After spending some days in Dubai, the real reason behind the trip came to light.

The Afia Schwarzenegger actress said the man asked her friend to sleep with a dog, but she told her she was in her menses—so she needs some days to finish. She then asked for help to travel back to Ghana after the man left the hotel.

Watch her narration in the video below.

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