Afia Schwar

Afia Schwar disgraced and kicked out of KLM airport for being drunk and causing confusion

Afia Schwarzenegger engaged in debauchery in Europe – it finally caught up to her after being kicked off a KLM flight from the Netherlands to Ghana.

Schwarzenegger was kicked off for alleged drunk and disorderly conduct, and we have video of the moment right here for your enjoyment.

Ghana’s national pandemic has spent the past few weeks living a life of moral decadence in Europe

From the Netherlands to Belgium and France, Afia was country skipping and indulging in all vices.

When it’s time to take a flight and return home after your vacation, you cannot do that in a drunken state.

Afia Schwarzenegger allegedly tried boarding a KLM flight drunk and she was kicked off the airplane.

Video of that exact moment surfaced afterwards, with Afia clearly heard protesting her innocence.

Watch the moment Afia Schwarzenegger was kicked off a KLM flight below…



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