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Afia Schwar’s twin sons accused of impregnating a lady and abandoning her (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger’s nemesis Odii Tonardo dropped more damaging info about her kids in a new video taking aim at Schwarzenegger.

Tonardo claims Afia’s son John impregnated a lady and refused to accept responsibility for his actions.

He casually dropped this bomb in a video trolling Afia over her KLM saga.

The self-proclaimed Ghanaian comedienne was hilariously kicked off a KLM flight in the Netherlands over the weekend.

The reason – engaging in drunk and disorderly conduct, otherwise known as behaving like Afia Schwarzenegger.

Video of the moment went viral, prompting Tonardo to come out with his reaction.

Whilst taking shots at Afia, Tonardo claimed his son John impregnated a certain lady and denied responsibility of the child.

This is on top of already damaging allegations he’s made against his other son James, who he claims is homos*xual.

What we’re learning is Afia’s kids are fair game for Tonardo and he’s coming not just for their mother but for them as well.

Watch him allege Afia’s son John refused responsibility after impregnating a lady below…
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