African Continental Unity Party to contest 2024 elections

The African Continental Unity Party (ACUP), an emerging political movement across the African continent has hinted at plans to contest in the 2024 general election in Ghana.

The political movement with dominance in Ghana, Nigeria, DR Congo, and South Africa sought to establish an African economic power-base, through a continental government built on transformational leadership inspired by a common interest of economic emancipation.

ACUP presents a unique African political system that resonates among the citizenry, giving hope to meet common aspirations of freedom, prosperity and dignity.

Mr Ato Ntsin, Interim Central Regional Coordinator at a media briefing said the political movement has huge following across Africa with permanent offices in Ghana, Dr Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa and growing.

“ACUP is the only Pan-African Movement that will ensure sustainable development for Ghana and Africa to protect the rights and liberties of Africans everywhere,” he said.

It has dynamic leadership built on the vision of a continental governance system inspired by historical events that have shaped the face of the African continent.

Highlighting the vision of the movement, Mr Ntsin indicated that ACUP remained committed to emancipating the Africans and ushering them into the era of new thinking art of learning through its free-minded academy.

Through the Academy, it seeks to pursue a new relevant education curriculum to produce analytical, critical and practical thinkers of Africans who will be able to utilize internal resources and opportunities to transform countries.

That way, it produces highly trained Africans with Pan-African philosophy to understand leadership as service to the people to pursue an agenda to free Africa from neo-colonial control and exploitations of resources.

Mr Ntsin said Africa’s vision should not be built on the foundation of the European vision and its internal institutions with their mischievous agenda to conquer and exploit resources for their selfish gains.

“After a half-century of the so-called African independence, we have tried to protect and defend the foundation established by the oppressors for our destruction and the result is, we have turned ourselves into tools of self-destruction.

“It is never late to do things right to lay a new foundation of unity, Ubuntu and prosperity. It is never too late to be in charge again,” he said.

Mr Ntsin described the movement as unique that operated differently from traditional political parties funded and controlled by Africans who identified themselves with it.

They were inspired by the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, and many others whose dedication to the course of African liberation and emancipation continue to light the minds of all Africans.

Source: Daniel Addo

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