Auto insurance rates jump as much as 20% in some states—and could go even higher

After getting a slight break on their auto insurance rates in the heart of the pandemic, drivers throughout the U.S. are seeing rates begin to escalate at a significant rate.

The average cost of car insurance in 2022 currently stands at $1,655 per year, according to, but rising inflation rate and an increased number of accidents on the road are resulting in even higher rates in many states.

In Texas, some insurers are planning to raise rates by more than 20% on average statewide, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. Geico increased premiums in Arizona by 8%. And State Farm, Allstate and Progressive have filed for rate increases in Illinois ranging from 4.8% to 12%.

Louisiana, Michigan and Florida are the states with the highest auto insurance premiums, according to The Zebra, an independent insurance comparison site, with average rates as high as $3,265. (And some Louisiana drivers are reporting rate hikes as high as 35% this year.)

Location is a big factor in what you pay for insurance, as companies factor in traffic volumes, accident and claim rates along with theft and vandalism figures. Those can vary from city to city and by neighborhood, so national averages don’t mean as much as they might in other industries.

But the Insurance Information Institute (III) notes that regardless of where you live, you can likely expect your rate to increase more this year.

“Auto premiums have not kept pace with inflation—especially when it comes to auto replacement part costs,” said CEO Sean Kevelighan in a statement. “Auto insurers are seeing the frequency and severity of automobile accidents rise quickly as drivers return to the nation’s roadways. After these accidents occur, the claim payouts are higher due in part to the higher price of auto replacement parts.”

U.S. auto insurers spent nearly $1 on claims and expenses last year for every $1 they collected in premiums, according to the III.

The increases come after the auto insurance industry offered premium refunds and discounts in 2020, as drivers stayed home at the start of the pandemic.

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