Chennai is best when it comes to law and order, says Commissioner

CHENNAI Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal on Saturday said the law and order situation in Chennai was among the best in the country.

Stoutly denying allegations that law and order was not well maintained, Mr. Jiwal said: “We have begun intensive vehicle checking at night. Every week, we are introducing a new initiative (for crime prevention). There had been slow down earlier after booking the case and arresting the accused. Now, we are constantly reviewing the cases involving history sheeters through a deputy commissioner-level officer and are constantly monitoring warrant execution and action against sureties, seizure of property and production of witnesses.”

Mr. Jiwal told reporters that the city police had two serious crime squads and profiles of rowdy elements were sent to the squads for constant monitoring. Each station had separate officers to launch the drive against rowdy elements and constables and head constables were assigned to monitor them. “There were gaps in the previous scheme but the new scheme will fill those gaps,” the Commissioner said.

“With regard to the law and order, compared to statistics with any other city in India, you will find that Chennai has best statistics for any crime. In crimes against women and children, first information report is immediately filed if there is evidence. The complaints which are entered in community service register (CSR) is decided within 24 hours whether to proceed with registration of FIR and treat as a false complaint. Generally, I will say that law and order in Chennai is one of best in country”, said Mr. Jiwal.

Denying the reports of 18 murders committed in a month, he said in May, 10 murders were reported. While three of them were due to enmity, most of the others occurred because of issues such as family dispute. “On an average, 130-140 murders occur in the city for a year. We are trying to reduce the figures. As per statistics, there is a 20% reduction in murder cases. We have issued strict instructions to our officers to take action on any information on previous enmity. We are initiating bound over and bound down proceeding history sheeters besides detaining notorious rowdy elements under Goondas Act.”

He said the petitions submitted by public at the Commissioner’s office wee constantly reviewed and feedback received from the petitioners by calling them back. Based on their feedback, action was taken, Mr. Jiwal added.

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