E.T Mensah rather betrayed me – Sam George opens up on 2015 Ningo Prampram mafia

Member of Parliament(MP) for Ningo Prampram says people who claim he was not loyal to his predecessor Enock Teye Mensah do not understand what went on between the two of them.

According to him, E.T Mensah as widely known was the one who was not a man of his word and not him like people think.

Sam George indicated that after the primaries in 2012, E.T Mensah introduced him as the next Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram.

He said while on campaign train, the former Member of Parliament made him aware that he was not contesting in the next elections because he was ready to hand over to him.

However, during the internal election leading up to the 2016 election, E.T Mensah changed his mind and decided to contest after he had agreed to allow Sam George contest for the position in the Constituency.

Sam George said E.T Mensah did not deem it right to inform him that he had changed his mind and although he was at his office to make him aware of the fact that he was contesting him, E.T Mensah did nit show any signs that it was a problem.

Same George who was speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM indicated that people who know of their agreement are still alive and can be contacted to confirm the story so he can never be described as selfish and not loyal because to him, he is loyal to the tooth.

“Hon. E.T Mensah with the greatest of respect knows what the agreement was and if you talk to people who were branch executives in NDC in Ningo Prampram in 2013 they will tell you. I 2012 when he run I literally was his campaign manager running on the field for him and after we won, he told them this is your next MP.

The day President Mahama came to old Ningo to outdoor him, go and look for the pictures. When President Mahama held E.T Mensah and raised his hands E.T Mensah held my hand and raised it because that time Ningo was boiling. They had created a new district and the people of Ningo thought the District capital should have been Ningo and they thought that he had used his office as MP and Minister to move it to Prampram where he came from and they had refused to go to the Assembly.

There was an understanding and from 2013 to 2014 funerals and everything he will send me and say Sam go the people need to know you go on the ground and then in 2015 the year of the primaries after almost three years of that declaration that he had made without any recourse to me. We had an agreement and so if you’ve changed your mind, it’s only fair that you call me and have a conversation with me but to go and have a public meeting and declare your intention without any conversation with me when I had built a movement for three years on the back of our agreement I wasn’t going to back down.

I went to his office at the old castle two weeks before I picked the form to officially inform him that I was going to run. Even that day when I went there I was hoping he will see me and give me the respect that was due me and say I think I want to run but he didnt say anything all he said was he’s heard and he will think about it,” he said on Accra-based Hitz FM.

Sam George indicated that claims that he betrayed the former Member of Parliament cannot be true because there was an agreement and if there is anyone who did the contrary, he is not the one but rather the former Member of Parliament who is now a Member of the Council of State.

“I did not betray anybody, I stuck to an agreement that we had,” he said.


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