How spiritual meetings with Abraham as chairman will decide who becomes President of Ghana

Ghana’s key of authority is in the hands of an angel

The angel is designated to oversee issues

A meeting is to take place in the spiritual realm to decide who becomes the president of Ghana

Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah, the founder and leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries, in his latest disclosure about the outcome of the 2024 elections indicated that spiritually, a key that symbolizes the power of authority is no longer in the hands of the governing NPP.

He said, the said key is in the hands of a certain angel who is designated to oversee issues concerning the country.

“The key to winning the elections has left the NPP. I have seen it so if they will listen and pray on it, they should act fast. We should find out what Saul did before he was stripped. God can reveal to a prophet who will win the elections.

“We should ask ourselves why God has taken the key from the NPP. If they don’t take what I said seriously, it will affect them. NDC should also not assume that due to the situation in the country, they will win the elections.

“What I saw is that the key is no longer in the hands of the NPP but I don’t know who the key was given to. The person who took the key is yet to give it to anyone. This means that the final decision is yet to be made,” Prophet Owusu Bempah told Okay FM on Thursday, January 13.

Detailing how things work in the spiritual realm, the Prophet of God noted that all major happenings on earth are based on decisions from a meeting between Abraham and his community members, who deliberate over issues and make recommendations to a higher authority.

Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah explained, “there must be some meetings in the spiritual realm under the leadership of father Abraham, who is the chairman of a certain spiritual board, forming the great clouds of witnesses; they sometimes decide the happenings of the world; so, these spiritual board members will meet, people will be cautioned before a final decision will be taken as to who becomes the President of Ghana.

“…That is why some prophets claim they had a vision but it is not confirmed…when any prophet says that, they have not done any mistake. There are so many things that go on in this world that needs a final decision from the spiritual realm.

“Apart from the Watchers – a special group of angels with the power to transform into human form – planning and handing it over to the Lord God, there is also great clouds of witnesses who also take decisions in the spiritual realm and communicate that to the Watchers, until they [Watchers] agree, the decision of the great clouds of witnesses cannot come to pass. Sometimes, decisions in the spiritual realm go through three levels before they can come to pass.”

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