I’m rich, I spend huge sums of money on shopping and traveling just to be entertained – Jackie Appiah brags

Jackie Appiah, an award-winning actress, has stated that going shopping and traveling around the world keep her entertained and happy.

Jackie Appiah is a well-known actress who has traveled extensively over the world. Several photos have surfaced of the actress flying on a plane and shopping in high-end stores.

Jackie Appiah is noted for her exquisite taste in designer bags, shoes, and dresses, as well as her shopping addiction.

Jackie remarked in an interview with Hammer Time that her lifestyle does not put pressure on the youth since she does not expect the kids to try to live like her because it took her 21 years to develop her successful company.

“I don’t pressure anyone, I worked for it. It didn’t come easy. I have used many years to get to where I have gotten to right now,” said the award-winning actress.

“I get entertained by traveling. Reasons why I love traveling. It makes me happy…I love looking at beautiful places, beautiful views, nice hotels, and shopping. All these things make me excited. I always feel relaxed when I travel,” she added.

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