I made most producers rich -Agya Koo reveals

Agya Koo, a veteran Ghanaian actor and singer has said that most of the movie producers who worked with him became wealthy as a result of his contributions.

Agya Koo remarked in one of his latest appearances on Angel FM with Ike de Unpredictable that the reason most producers hired him was that they were getting their investment back from his ability and experience.

“This is something that no producer in Kumasi can ever refute.” When I was involved, they earned a lot of money. “My films received a great deal of support, and it was this support that enabled these producers to become who they are now,” Agya Koo said.

To refresh your memory, Kofi Adu, commonly known as Agya Koo, is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. More than 200 Ghanaian films have featured him on the screen, including Obaatanpa, Black Star, and Ma Tricki Wo.

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