I will play any role if it impacts moral of the story – Majid Michel

Award-wining Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has denied claims that he would no longer play certain roles in movies.

The rumours of rejecting certain movie roles came after Majid turned born-again.

But according to him, he would play any role assigned to him especially if it impacts the moral of the story.

“I don’t reject roles, if it impacts the moral of the story I’ll play any role,” he said on Ayekoo Ayekoo, the mid-morning show on Accra100.5FM, Thursday, 3 February 2022.

The TV personality explaining movies to show host Nana Romeo stated that as an actor he is there to interpret the role assigned to him.

“A movie is a slice of life, what we present to you are things that have happened really, or things that are happening. We do research and find out this happened here, so we just slice what happens in real life and then we present it to you as a film. No film is fiction, we may create our own story but someone might identify with it somewhere even if we think its fiction and we brought the story up but somewhere or someone in Timbuktu will say: ‘wow this is my story’…and I’ll play any role given to me once it’s very impactful to the end result of the story, the moral of the story,” Majid stated.

Speaking on his long absence from the movie industry, Majid now also an evangelist explained that “I stopped filming because I was on a search of knowledge, things concerning God…”

“I was learning from prophets, I was learning from different people, I was hearing things, I was going here, I was seeing these miracles if they were real, how these people fall is it real? I went to experience these things myself,” he added.

After a long absence in movies, Majid has starred in a new movie produced by Yvonne Nelson titled ‘The Men We Love’.


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