Ibrah 1 finally breaks silence on his madness; Exposes the people who wants his downfall (Screenshot)

Ghanaian millionaire and alleged sakawa boy, Ibrah 1, has been trending on the internet for the past 8 hours and counting after a disturbing video of a mad man roaming in the streets of Niger went viral.

Many Ghanaians on the internet ticked Ibrah 1 to be the mad man in the viral video because of the striking resemblance he shares with the mentally challenged man.

Some critics even boldly alleged that his cup is finally full and he’s paying for all the evils he has committed.

Amidst the brouhaha, a set of new posts that have been spotted on the socialite’s Instagram page gives a different view of his supposed madness.

According to Ibrah 1, he’s not the mad person in the video and he’s much aware that his enemies are behind the viral video.

He went on to allege that he strongly believes an impersonator who’s Indian was paid to behave like a mad man and recorded in the process just to disgrace him.

As confirmed on the Instagram page of Ibrah 1, he’s not mad and he’s not the guy in the fast trending video.





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