My Boyfriend Is Richer And Smarter Than You – Feli Nuna Insults A Plus On Live TV (Video)

Feli Nuna came out swinging hard against loudmouthed Kwame A Plus on United Showbiz Saturday night as the show turned into a war of insults.

A Plus’ sharp tongue was on show but Nuna the towel girl was not intimidated and came out swinging with her own punches!

It was entertainment at its finest on McBrown’s former show.

A Plus, Bullgod and Feli Nuna were discussing the intricacies of investing in the careers of musicians when the war erupted.

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Bullgod claimed, as usual, that there’s nothing wrong with a man trying to sleep with a female artiste he has to invest it.

A Plus supported him with his full chest and said it’s a a give and take affair.

He asked Nuna if she has a boyfriend and she responded in the affirmative.

A Plus said then the boyfriend must invest in her music otherwise she has no leg to stand on to complain if she asks someone else for money and asks for s*x in return.

Feli Nuna retorted that her boyfriend has nothing to do with her career.

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A Plus went in hard and said then the guy must be poor but Nuna denied it and said he’s rich.

Kwame added that then the guy must invest otherwise Feli Nuna cannot complain about being asked for s*x.

Feli asked him if his comments made sense, at which point a clearly angry A Plus also described her boyfried as a ‘f*cken guy’.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s when all hell broke loose and Nuna fired back with venom at A Plus.

Watch the combustible moment between A Plus and Feli Nuna in a towel below…

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