“My wife has being beating me all the time” – Husband cries for help

A husband  has taken to social media to ask for help over domestic violence he is presently going through at the hands of his younger wife.

The man revealed that his 24-year-old wife often beats him mercilessly because she is from a wealthy family and her dad takes care of some of their finances.

Unable to handle all that he’s going through, the man has spilled out his predicament on social media seeking help, especially knowing how difficult it is for the world to believe that a man is being subjected to domestic violence.

He posted:

I am a 33 year old man and my wife is 24 years old we are 5 years of marriage.

My father-in-law is a very wealthy businessman. He paid us for a well-constructed plot and we lived peacefully until our first daughter was born.

When I come home from work, my wife forces me to take care of the child. Each time it’s me who cleans the child, changes his diapers, gives him the bottle, I also have to prepare food, tidy up the house, I can’t even watch the game on TV or go out to see my friends. She makes me watch novelas with her all night yet she won’t go to work like me.

She is the one who decides everything in the house, even when we have to eat, when we have to make love. I accept all this without resentment, because I love her with all my heart and I don’t want to lose her but what I can’t bear ?, since her father gave her a car, my life has become hell, she makes me wash her car, she blames me, she hits me regularly, she once sent me to the hospital, I have the wounds all over my back.

My wife terrifies me, when I see her, I panic. I NEED-HELP”

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