North country gun activists, law enforcement react to new state gun safety legislation

Lowville, New York (WWNY) – Governor Kathy Hochul signed ten new gun laws earlier this week, but some of the new legislation has north country gun activists and law enforcement claiming they’re unconstitutional.

Gun shop owner, and founder of North Country Friends of the Second Amendment, Patrick Morse isn’t happy with any of the new laws, but said there’s one bill in particular he feels will cause major problems at the local level.

“What I read in the law is backdoor gun registration,” Morse said.

Morse is referring to a section of a bill recently passed by the state. It says all records need to be submitted to the New York State Police every April and October.

Morse feels this shouldn’t be allowed under federal law.

“Now they are going to know about your shotguns, they are going to know about everything,” Morse said. “What is going to happen, is one day, in the middle of night, they are going to outlaw certain guns and they are going to hand the paper to the State Police and say “go get’em,” and then we are going to have problems.”

When Governor Hochul signed the package of gun laws earlier this week, she said they close critical gun law loopholes exposed in the recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas.

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin sponsored the bill Morse is talking about.

“We wanted to give that strong message that New York is not going to sit and wait for the next incident. We are going to take aggressive action and close every single loophole we can think of,” Paulin said.

Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli doesn’t agree with any of the new measures.

“We are all going off a knee jerk reaction every time a so called school shooting happens,” Sheriff Carpinelli said. “They use the emotion of the people you know to provoke a call for action.”

Sheriff Carpinelli also said the laws are turning legal gun owners into illegal gun owners, and feels it will make it more difficult for his department to do its job on the road.

“How we are going to have to investigate? How are we going to report to the state of New York with these gun crimes? It’s absolutely ridiculous and it makes no sense,” he said.

Assemblywoman Paulin said record keeping is already required by all shop owners at the local level, and this measure gives State Police a chance to track and trace guns that may be involved in a crime.

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