Only Michael Jackson can challenge me with fans – King Maccasio

Following the successful and historic concerts organized in the North and South, Sherif Abdul Majeed, known popularly as King Maccasio, has declared that only the late American pop star, Michael Jackson, could contest him when it comes to artistes with the largest following.

According to King Maccasio, his lyrical dexterity, coupled with unquantifiable love from the fans he has cultivated over the years, obviously puts him above all artists.

A remarkable comment that resonated with the fans who chanted simultaneously his slogans and shouted his name in unison, in obedience and in loyalty to the 69 movement as he performed at the Kings Concert at Bukom Arena.

King Maccasio mounted the stage to perform at the Kings concert at about 2:20 am on Saturday 5th February 2022 when all supporting artists including Medikal.

The trailer was however the triumphant entry into the event ground that shook and took fans by surprise as the artist showed up in white smock, and on a decorated white horse, holding the microphone and as usual, spitting lyrical content to demonstrate his dexterity, temerity and audacity in the rap genre of music.

All hail the King was apparently the response from the craving fans, who by dint of love, electrified the stadium with firecrackers and blinking lights of their phones.

Maccasio, as usual, did not disappoint, as he performed back-to-back of his new and old hit tracks to the blistering admiration of music lovers who stormed the Bukom Arena to watch the show.

Before his performance, his main friend and pal, Medikal, was the last of the supporting artistes to mount the stage to perform.

The rapper did not also disappoint as he left fans craving for more of his hit songs.

Reggae dance hall artiste, Iwan was also on stage to perform his hit tracks to the admiration of fans who occupied every seat at the stadium.

From the North, Wiz-Child, Choggu Boys, Selassie, among others, also showed up to display unfettered talent at the event.

At the end of the show, all patrons who graced the event went home satisfied following the impressive work done by the 69 Team to stage the successful concert.

They reminded the fans of their trip to Dubai in March where the fans would secure the privilege of partying with King Maccasio at Dow cruise and other important event grounds in Dubai.

Source:Zambaga Rufai Saminu, Contributor

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