Sarkodie trends as Ghanaians search for Michael Owusu who inherited almost 70% of Sir John’s properties including Achimota Forest lands

Ghanaians on social media have been in a frantic search for one Michael Owusu, who is the nephew of Sir Joh and featured predominantly in his Will.

In the late Kojo Owusu Afriyie aka Sir John’s Will, all his business was given to Michael Owusu including several houses, plots of land and cars.

Michael Owusu took the lion’s share of the inheritance left behind by his uncle Sir John. In fact, he had more than Sir John’s original children, siblings and wives.

On the back of that, many have been asking the question as to who the Miahcel Owusu is and as a result rapper, Sarkodie’s name has come into the discussion.

Since rapper Sarkodie’s original name of Michael Owusu Addo, many are sarcastically alleged that he might be the beneficiary in the Will of Sir John.

Coult it be Sarkodie after all?

@MrDoDoojnr wrote: Sir John really force give Michael Owusu. Dude get almost everything some plus four pump action guns to protect his lion share.

@the_marcoli_boy: I hope the Michael Owusu in Sir John’s will is not Sarkodie ? Like Na Todayyyyyyyyyyyy

@jojoarhinn wrote: Why do y’all think Michael Owusu said “Nana Toaso”? Sir John ntia oo. I mean, mentia.

@Tbag_ wrote: Will no leak like Michael Owusu go come tell we say Sir John give am two eggs Wey he turn am into poultry farm.

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