Top Zimbabwean journalist hails 2019 video of Amoako-Attah disciplining expat contractor

Hopewell Chin’ono, a celebrated Zimbabwean journalist has cited a video of Roads and Transport Minister, Kwaku Amoako-Attah giving an expatriate contractor a dressing down in 2019.

Chin’ono in a January 21, 2022 tweet observed how some Chinese contractors are allegedly having a field day across Africa whereas “in Ghana the Roads minister said NO, ENOUGH.”

He shared an eight-minute clip of an angry Amoako-Attah repeatedly lamenting how an expatriate contractor had engaged in actions that among others destroyed public road and created public inconvenience.

“The Chinese plundering project in Africa is robbing Africa of its future.

But in Ghana the Roads minister said NO, ENOUGH.

“Unlike in Zimbabwe where the Chinese insult Zimbabweans on their embassy twitter handle @ChineseZimbabwe, other countries are not tolerating that NONSENSE!” the accompanying post read.

In the video, the Minister orders the arrest of the contractor and of all workers on the site repeatedly threatening that they were going to be dealt with for their infractions.


About the 2019 demolition order

The Minister in December 2019 ordered the demolition of a 22-storey property under construction at the Airport Residential area for destroying a portion of the road.

“The owner of this property should be arrested immediately”, the minister ordered angrily when he toured the site on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 following numerous complaints from residents in the area, a Class FM report stated.

“What kind of indiscipline is this? You sit in this country and allow this nonsense to go on? The impudence.

“You enter into the road corridor, creating inconveniences for all those who use this stretch of the road, you have destroyed the road and you think you have the power to do that? You should be arrested and prosecuted”, the minister told him.

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