UK-based Ghanaian student arrested over attempt to defile 14-year-old

A Ghanaian schooling in Scotland, the United Kingdom, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting for and pursuing sexual intercourse with a minor.

The man identified in reports as Isaac Kris Soman is alleged to have arranged to have sex with a 14-year-old after he had met her online. In Scotland, the age of consent is 16, just like in Ghana.

In pursuit of the alleged crime, Soman who is a degree student at the University of the West of Scotland is said to have traveled 2 hours from the school’s main campus at Paisely, Scotland’s largest town, to Alloa, a town in Clackmannanshire in the Central Lowlands of Scotland to meet the minor.

But at Alloa, the suspected pedophile was accosted by some people who apparently had had a hint of his visitation and had been waiting for him. A video, capturing the Ghanaian being peppered with questions has since emerged online.

In the video, Soman recklessly allows himself to be interrogated by an unknown woman who seemed hell-bent on exacting a confession from him that he had traveled to meet the girl with the intent of raping her even though the said minor had agreed to meet him.

But in the same video, the Ghanaian student who struggles to comprehend a heavily accented Scottish English that his accuser was speaking is heard, confessing, practically under duress that the girl had informed him she was 14 and yet he had still traveled two hours to meet with her.

He claims in one breath he had gone to meet the girl for platonic friendship because he considered her a younger sister, he also admits in another breath that he had told the minor that he loved her, albeit under the heckling voice of the woman who was accusing him of pedophilia.

Mr. Soman also admits he sent the girl a message about sex but that in his inner intention he had no intent to have sex with her.

Eventually, the Ghanaian admits he was wrong and is arrested by what appears to be a group of men.

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