What Apiate looks like a day after massive explosion

17 people die as a result of Apiate explosion

A pit lies currently in the middle of Apiate highway

Lots of indigenes homeless after explosion

The aftermath of the explosion at Apiate has left many persons heartbroken and disappointed.

It is widely reported that 95 percent of buildings are now destroyed beyond recognition. Some persons who were said to be indoors when the explosion happened, unfortunately, couldn’t flee from the destruction that was occasioned.

A good percentage of the people are currently homeless with some reported to be seeking shelter in churches and schools around.

The highway on which the truck was plying is no more what it used to be; the explosion occasioned a wide pit in the middle of the highway obstructing the free flow of traffic. Vehicles bound to use the road, now veer off the highway to the shoulders of the road till it’s suitable to join the highway again.

A drone video shot by Kwasi Amankwah Gyebi revealed the debris from the explosion. Nearly all the buildings within the area of the explosion were back to dust with household items burnt beyond recognition. Excavators could be seen trying to clear the mess that was created during the explosion.

The town is currently hazy and engulfed in the smoke from the explosion. People have travelled from far and near to see the destructive impact of the massive explosion for themselves.

Watch a video capturing the current state of the mining community after the tragic incident:


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