Why is E-levy all about the money; what about the people? – Shatta Wale blasts government

Shatta Wale has joined the masses against the infamous electronic levy saga. According to the dancehall musician, it is very insensitive to not think about the voices of the people who voted them into power.

Shatta Wale’s powerful speech has received much approval from Ghanaians as a most side with him on the issue of accountability and negotiations. A video of the artiste speaking to power on the E-levy issue has generated a buzz different from his usual rants.

In the video, Shatta Wale acknowledges the potential returns of E-levy but chastises decision-makers for not showing proof of other tax deductions.

“Everybody is talking about E-levy. Yes, it’s nice. You understand. But create measures. Create things for the citizens not to complain so that when you do this, we will understand that we are all building it. Don’t work as the country is yours. Work with us.”

He references America where ‘the system is working. Accordingly, he mentions structures that benefit and makes life easy for the people abroad.

“You people say you want to do E-levy, yeah, we understand. It is everywhere in the world. Have our leaders done some for us? Have they created something like that for us? No! And how much does it even take to create those things.”

Shatta Wale admonished the government to listen to the people who entrusted into their care the votes that brought them into power.

“But when you people wake up, then you decide in parliament, then you just bring the thing out for people. But it won’t affect your mother, fathers and your generations because that is what you people are securing.

“But have you taught about your classmate Kwame, who was so intelligent but couldn’t get the opportunity that you’ve gotten? Kwame never had money in school, but he was always the first in class. How will his parents survive if there’s a decision like this? Have you thought about it? No!

“You only think about how you will bring it and get your money. And you just bring it to the people, and you hear them complain. And you don’t pay attention to the people. And these are the same people that put their thumbs on the paper to vote for presidents.”


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